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CUSTOM FibErlok Patches Upgrade your brand

Application of better-quality logos has always been a challenge because it is difficult-to-impossible to embroider onto various surfaces. Only FiberLok’s dimensionalized graphics offer the combination of upscale and precise graphic reproductions plus easy and permanent application

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Dimensional Grpahics

FiberLok is The World’s Only Resource For Exclusive Dimensional Graphics

Lextra®, TackleKnit® And ChromaFlex®

For High-Volume* Imprinting of Upscale Apparel And More.

Only FiberLok Dimensional Graphics Feature This Unique Combination Of Advantages:

  • High-value dimensional graphics
  • Extreme wearing comfort and durability
  • Uniqueness enabling product differentiation, authentication
  • Permanent application in 20 seconds or less


Starting Where Most Conventional Technologies Like Embroidery End, FiberLok Dimensional Graphics Offer Exclusive Combinations Of Benefits Including: 


  • Details:  the ability to reproduce finest design elements
  • Authenticity:  reproduction of original design, with precise color matching
  • Uniqueness:  dramatic dimension and intense colors combine to create highest perceived value and visual impact
  • Comfort:  intense colors and pleasingly-rich texture, graphics conform to apparel without irritating inside stitches
  • Durability:  performance-engineered to out-last the life of the imprinted article



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The applied graphic on a work uniform our sports uniform is always the focal point of the entire outfit, enabling FiberLok’s dimensional graphics to deliver the greatest return-on-investment in terms of durability, authentic brand image reproduction, wearing comfort and more.

Only FiberLok dimensionalized graphics offer a combination of higher perceived value and permanent application enabling large programs of 10 thousand to 100 thousand units to be delivered in just a few weeks’ time. There are reasons why Lextra has been the graphics technology of choice for branding the uniform shirts of the some of world’s largest companys—for over 25 years: authenticity, dependability, comfort, and most-reliable delivery.


Fiberlok Patch FAQ's

In this order: design size, quantity, number of colors.

  • You will initiate the process by filling out our quote form to request a quote.
  • We send you a digital proof and price quote based on graphics technology, design size and style, quantity, and number of colors.
  • You order pre-production approval samples or waive this step.
  • Upon approval, production order is placed.
  • Lextra = 500
  • TackleKnit = 125
  • ChromaFlex = 1,000 / Mold Fees TBD
  • Yes. Color will be matched to a Pantone reference number or your submitted sample.

    Our graphic technologies will generally outlast the life of the imprinted article.

  • Lextra = 2 weeks
  • TackleKnit = 2 weeks
  • ChromaFlex = 5 weeks first order; 3 weeks re-orders.
  • LumoTex = 2 weeks
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