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Custom company store solutions for all of your branded apparel and promotional products needs

A system that offers a hassle free shopping experience for students, employees or members.

What are online company stores?

First off, what are online company stores? In short, they’re an online platform that will help distribute and manage your branded merchandise for you. This could include items such as branded apparel, accessories, business cards, and much more. They help maintain brand consistency and free up a ridiculous amount of time.

What can i sell on my company  Store?

We have a large selection of apparel items, bags, hats, and more for you to sell and we add more all the time. You choose the items you want to sell, you choose the colors of each item, and you select the embroidered logo(s) permitted for each item! Here's a sample page and a link to some of our stores.

Giving your employees the ability to order their own company branded products will give them the ability to wear your logo, not because they have to, but because they want to. This small display of dedication opens up marketing opportunities, at no additional cost to the company. Plus, you can use the same store to make ordering corporate branded materials easier than ever before. A Custom Online Company Store may be just what your company needs to solve all of its brand item needs.

How Does a company Store works?

Our Online Stores are designed for our customers wishing to offer a custom merchandise store.

Use our store for a Company Brand Store, Fundrasing events, or School Spirit Store. The options are endless!


Perks include:

  • No minimum order requirement for shoppers
  • Low inventory cost and minimal fulfillment fees to you
  • Individual shipping locations permitted for shoppers
  • Top notch Customer Service team
  • Brand control over your logo
  • Option to make a profit on items sold

Check out some of our stores!

Company Store Questions

Only $199 Set Up Fee

Logo Wear Company builds, hosts and runs your custom online company stores that sells your branded corporate apparel and promotional products.

Our system makes it possible to have unlimited product selection with little to no inventory liability.

We do everything in-house, from back-end technology to product decoration warehousing & fulfillment.


You pay a start up fee of $199, with an annual $99 maintenance.

This fee is for the creation of your store, as well as our ongoing support of your store.

No Inventory Purchase Requirements for on demand products

No Order Processing Charges

Low Order Fullfillment Charges

Hundreds of  Products To Choose From

Low Shipping rates

Custom Landing Page

Company Store FAQ'S

  Why do I want an Online Store?

  • Do you have an active organization of members who would like or need to purchase embroidered logo apparel to show their affiliation with the organization?

  • Do you need to ensure your "brand" is portrayed with custom color and product settings?

  • Would you like members to make individual purchases from your online store?

  • Do you have a business, team, charity, or an event with an audience with a desire to purchase your logo apparel?

 What does a Online Store cost?

  • A start up fee of $199 is required with a $99 per year maintenance fee.

  • This is for the creation of your store and one logo set-up, up to 25 products as well as our ongoing support of your store.

 Can I make screen printed apparel available for sale in my Online Store?

  • Screen printed items are only available for purchase in bulk quantities from

  • The Logo Wear Team can help you implement screen printed apparel for sale in your store.

  • You will need to pre-order a minimum of 50 pieces of the same style, color and screen printed logo to get started and we will hold those printed items at our facility for sale through your store.

 Can I make promotional items available for sale in My Online Store?

  • Promotional items (Pens, Mugs, Key Chains, etc.) are only available for purchase in bulk quantities from

  • The Logo Wear Team can help you implement promotional items for sale in your store.

  • You will need to pre-order the printed merchandise from us and we will hold those items at our facility for sale through your store.

 What are Processing and fulfillment fees?

  • Promotional items online pricing will include a $2.95 pick and pack fee.

  • The Logo Wear Team will include promotional items for sale on your store.

  • Storage of non-on-demand products will incur addtional time storage fees

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