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Our Humble Beginnings

Working out of a one-car garage in 1995, we started like many grass-roots companies with a vision to provide our customers with top-quality products while offering a rich customer experience.


Our word-of-mouth referrals helped us build a loyal network of customers that spread across San Diego, reaching sports associations, churchess, large and small businesses, and schools. As we outgrew our small space, we opened a shop that allowed us to serve our growing client base in San Diego on a larger scale.


We’ve always run our business focusing on the customer – it’s what sets us apart from our competition. 


Our mission is to change the status-quo of the impersonal, online shopping experience to be one in which you feel a connection to us with personalized service that enhances your shopping experience. We don’t push orders through for the sake of the order – we ensure your brand stands out from the rest with quality and uniquness!


We are passionate about what we do, knowing full well that our work impacts you! We believe that every time you work with us, you’ll find trust, care, and experience at each and every turn.

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