a revolutionary new way of decorating apparel with multi-color prints.

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Supacolour is a game changer in the digital heat transfer world. It’s a technologically innovative way to produce digital transfers, it uses a hybrid of water-based and digital inks to give a print with amazing colour brightness and vibrancy, tonal gradients and the ability to render photo-real images. It also has a much softer feel than traditional digital transfers or vinyl transfers.

With Supacolour, you have the ability to print very fine lines and detail that would be difficult with traditional digital transfers. This allows us to replicate your logo to a higher finish without the need for any additional block colours underneath to attain the same level of detail.

We can print millions of colors to reproduce any logo no matter how complex.



  • Unlimited colors and high vibrancy
  • Ultra-high detail (finest of text, perfect color gradients)
  • Allows free floating text without any weeding required, hence the low cost
  • Ultra-high resolution – photo reproduction achievable
  • High stretchability and versatility in terms of fabrics and where it can be applied
  • Robust! Can be applied across seams and on coarse fabrics.
  • 100+ washes, will outlive the product and won’t peel, crack or fade.
  • Using the highest quality, eco-friendly inks and no vinyl as well
  • Saves time and money with very simple, cost effective pricing structure


How long does SUPACOLOR last? 
SUPACOLOR is mega durable.  It’s going to still be there even after your garment has given up hope.

Do you have a minimum order for SUPACOLOR? 
Yes, we require a minimum of 20 units for this print processes

How long does SUPACOLOR take to get? 
We can have these bad boys in your hands within 7 days of confirming your order…that is of course unless you live somewhere rural.




  • Color Vibrancy – You only need to compare a SUPACOLOR print side by side to a normal digital transfer to see the difference this new technology can make in terms of colour brightness and vibrancy. Smooth gradient profiles and pixelsharp photographic images are other strong points of the Supacolor process.
  • Fine Detail & Weeding – When a logo has fine detail components or small text most of the time you will need to set the art up as a ‘block’ when decorating with traditional digital transfers. This can ruin the look of the logo and the product it is going on, leaving customers frustrated and not satisfied with the visual appearance of the product. To avoid this, some digital transfer printers will ‘weed’ the logo after pressing, to remove the excess film from the block holding the logos in place. This can be a very time consuming exercise and add considerably to the cost. SUPACOLOR address both of these issues in one press, with no need for weeding or ‘blocks’ behind small detail and text. This cutting edge process results in a much more professional and superior look and reduces the cost considerably over the traditional digital transfer.
  • Price – When printing a logo containing multiple colours, SUPACOLOR can be the most cost effective process to produce the logo. With a low MOQ and fixed low cost, SUPACOLOR provides distributors with the peace of mind knowing that any logo can be reproduced in full color and detail, with no compromises.
  • Hand Feel – Run your hands across a SUPACOLOR print and you will instantly feel the difference. Once applied to a product, the SUPACOLOR print has no raised edge or thick texture to it like other types of printing. The hand feel of a SUPACOLOR print feels more like a Sublimation than a traditional transfer.
  • ECO–Friendly – Something that is rapidly becoming more sought after by corporations around the world, is the assurance that the products they buy to represent their brand, are not produced with harmful consequences to the environment, their customers or themselves.


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