What makes your company look professional and can travel with your employees and clients everywhere they go? 

Your company’s embroidered name and logo worn by your personnel and clients. Create custom apparel for your company with direct embroidery from Logo Wear Company. Whether used as staff shirts or for client gifts, embroidery is an upscale way to present your company on wearables. Get Noticed with golf shirts on the greens, the job site, or a trade show... even at a grocery store as they stop on theie way home from work.





At Logo Wear Company, we start with a digital file sized to fit a garment, such as hat or the left chest of the shirt. We match the threads and set in motion a room-sized embroidery machine that sews on your graphic with speed and precision. Your embroidery graphic can be as simple or complex as you'd like, and we can custom-embroider individual names on each shirt.

Today's technology of embroidery has become quite sophisticated. What used to be reserved for the front of a hat, or the breast pocket of a golf shirt, now includes items such as bags, towels, and table covers.

The possibilities are endless.

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