Digital printing or Direct-to-Garment, (DTG) printing is done on a printer that prints directly onto the garment. It creates vibrant colors without the feel of a heavy decal. Set-up time is quick and garments can be printed on demand making DTG ideal for orders with full-color designs and low quantities.

How it works

DTG reads a computer graphic file and prints the artwork onto the shirt. The best results are achived on 100% light-colored garments since the process does not print white. The ink is water-based and bonds directly with the fabric. Prints feels soft as if they are a part of the fabric.


The price-per-shirt for DTG stays the same regardless of the number of colors used. There are no screen charges, minimums, or set-up fees, and orders can be placed and shipped within a few days.

Check out some of these examples:


We have put together a list of suggested light apparel colors. Please use this as a guide when selecting apparel colors for DTG.

Best for photographic reproductions and full-color artwork:

Second best choice for photographic reproductions and full-color artwork:

Recommended for black or dark prints: